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8 July 2024

Almawave CEO at Ditecfer's 10-year anniversary event

The 10th edition of the “DITECFER Railway Innovation Contest,” the initiative promoted by DITECFER to give visibility to innovations in the railway field, was held. During the Awards Ceremony, which was held in Pistoia in the presence of top industry and political leaders, Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei and our Head of Sales Transportation Antonio Pipelnino participated.

The event was an opportunity to network, build alliances, discuss the impact of AI in the Transportation sector and tell about our collaboration with the District. The agreement between Almawave and Ditecfer marks, in fact, an important step forward toward innovation and modernization of the Italian railway ecosystem thanks to an increasingly effective use of data and information aimed at all operators in the sector.

Sandei spoke at the event with a “visionary speech” illustrating the main benefits of AI for industry operators and innovative use cases, which aim to help transform the railway sector by introducing new levers of effectiveness, efficiency, safety and process quality.

Pictured: Dario Ferrillo, Valeria Sandei, Luca Croce, Antonio Pipelnino.

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