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Automating and expanding contact channels between organizations and users


Recent technological advances have generated a radical change in the interactions between humans and machines. Today, users’ expectations are very high in terms of finding information: interaction must be natural, fast, easy, accurate and personalized. The implementation of conversational AI is not only a matter of efficiency, but also a necessity. This is why it is becoming an integral part of business processes in various business sectors.


AIWave Conversation

AIWave Conversation is our technology for Conversational AI. Thanks to the combination of several technologies and approaches (including Generative AI), our tools offer the possibility to create conversational assistants easily and quickly, even in no-code mode, implementing dialogue flows and managing different communication channels, both inbound and outbound with a multimodal approach.


Conversational AI is an efficient solution to shorten the distance between people, technology, and information. Its applications vary according to the context: conversational interfaces allow users to ask questions, get answers, and even accomplish complex tasks in both digital and physical world through natural dialogue. This technology allows organizations to interact with their users, exploiting the most natural and powerful tool that humans always used to share knowledge and emotions: the human language.



Why choose AIWave

All-in-one solution

One platform: all the AI you’ve ever wanted to integrate. A complete solution in which to find tools, capabilities, and applications to operationalize and manage an ever-growing portfolio of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Pricing without surprises

All-in-one not only in form, but also in pricing. AIWave reduces the cost of maintaining your Artificial Intelligence by 90% with clear pricing from the start

Develop low-code/no-code

AIWave requires no specific NLP, Data Science or AI skills. Its low-code/no-code structure supports your less experienced team in developing AI applications, as well as speeding up the work of your professional developers in various ways.

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