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Data & GIS

Exploring complex scenarios through location intelligence and alternative data

Technological modules


D/AI Destinations

All-in-one platform for destination marketing & management. It provides reliable, up-to-date and concrete information for making the best decisions. It can improve tourism promotion, optimise investments and achieve goals faster and easier.


D/AI Api connect

Analyzing millions of POIs in real time, geographically, demographically and in terms of sentiment and creating an overview of entire territories in order to make the online experience of customers and the company superlative.


D/AI Enterprise

Intelligent brand reputation platform designed for professionals dealing with accommodation, restaurants and bars, museums and attractions. It can manage an activity’s online reputation, respond to reviews, increase customer satisfaction and outperform competitors.



ESG scoring solution designed for banks and corporates, powered by AI and unique KPIs to measure the sustainability performance of any business quickly and reliably. It enables analysis of the degree of compliance with regulations, frameworks and international measurement standards; identification of areas and actions to be implemented to improve sustainability; benchmarking against industry average and key competitors.


D/AI Data ready

POI & Location data package to boost your business enriched with location, sentiment and popularity KPIs. You can access reliable, granular and always up-to-date information on any country and point of interest.


Smart Water Management System

Solution for optimized management of the Integrated Water System, capable of analyzing and managing data, reducing water loss and waste, optimizing processes, and supporting planning and field operations.


Smart Gas Management System

Enterprise solution oriented to analysis and decision support (DSS), entirely used via the Web, with the aim of giving answer, in an effective way, to the different problems related to the management of Gas Distribution Service.

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