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Omnichannel Exchange

Simplifying and analyzing customer dialogue on different contact channels


Recently, there has been a significant increase in the amount of contact channels that organizations can use to interact with their users. The phone remains, however, the most used channel, especially when people have urgent and/or particularly relevant issues. In order to optimize customer care processes, organizations need to leverage efficient technologies and strategies to quickly re-direct users to the appropriate support channel.


AIWave Omnichannel Exchange

AIWave Omnichannel Exchange is a digital switchboard that facilitates the interconnection between customers, operators, and virtual assistants, thanks to its ability to integrate both the customer’s CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems and telephone conversational flows for handling requests, automations, marketing campaigns, quality research, and customer satisfaction.


The integration of Almawave’s proprietary natural language processing technologies enables this tool to realize Conversational IVRs. In addition, the product is specifically designed to automate calls, conduct information campaigns, promote marketing, and measure customer satisfaction through the telephone channel. It is also a multilingual, multi-channel outbound calling service that can engage customers on a large scale through voice campaigns, SMS, email, and push notifications.



Why choose AIWave

All-in-one solution

One platform: all the AI you’ve ever wanted to integrate. A complete solution in which to find tools, capabilities, and applications to operationalize and manage an ever-growing portfolio of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Pricing without surprises

All-in-one not only in form, but also in pricing. AIWave reduces the cost of maintaining your Artificial Intelligence by 90% with clear pricing from the start

Develop low-code/no-code

AIWave requires no specific NLP, Data Science or AI skills. Its low-code/no-code structure supports your less experienced team in developing AI applications, as well as speeding up the work of your professional developers in various ways.

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