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Speech & Voice

Managing and extracting information from voice data


The amount of material in multimedia format generated by organizations is growing every day. Audio and video recordings, in fact, constitute a not inconsiderable wealth of information. Today’s technologies are a powerful tool for businesses because they allow them to fully exploit these types of content, identifying and extracting the most relevant information even from non-textual linguistic data.


AIWave Speech & Voice

AIWave Speech&Voice provide variety of capabilities and solutions to applications that require the management of voice data. We are capable of analysing, transcribing, and translating audio in more than 40 different languages, with subtitling capabilities for video content, and we also offer capabilities for indexing, querying, and managing digital archives.


The use of these technologies can be used in a wide range of applications and contexts: Voice AI is no longer an exclusive tool for contact centres, but can also be exploited in medical, legal and media contexts, and even in public administration.



Why choose AIWave

All-in-one solution

One platform: all the AI you’ve ever wanted to integrate. A complete solution in which to find tools, capabilities, and applications to operationalize and manage an ever-growing portfolio of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Pricing without surprises

All-in-one not only in form, but also in pricing. AIWave reduces the cost of maintaining your Artificial Intelligence by 90% with clear pricing from the start

Develop low-code/no-code

AIWave requires no specific NLP, Data Science or AI skills. Its low-code/no-code structure supports your less experienced team in developing AI applications, as well as speeding up the work of your professional developers in various ways.

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