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Analyzing and extracting knowledge from unstructured data


Natural Language Data represent a valuable source of information for all kinds of organizations. These data, when correctly exploited, might be used to innovate business processes, and improve overall performances, mitigating specific risks and enhancing customer satisfaction. The real challenge is to identify, extract and integrate this information within business operation.


AIWave Comprehension

AIWave Comprehension is our proprietary technology that enables companies to analyse data in natural language, offering a range of advanced tools for in-depth understanding of data and documents containing written text. Applications can be many: from document categorisation to entity extraction; from sentiment detection to relevant topic identification.


Our technology is based on a composite approach that combines the latest technologies with more established analysis methodologies, in order to guarantee state-of-the-art performance. In addition, our customers can choose whether to use out-of-the-box, pre-configured analysis models, or to create their own resources from scratch, for highly customised and tailor-made results.



Why choose AIWave

All-in-one solution

One platform: all the AI you’ve ever wanted to integrate. A complete solution in which to find tools, capabilities, and applications to operationalize and manage an ever-growing portfolio of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Pricing without surprises

All-in-one not only in form, but also in pricing. AIWave reduces the cost of maintaining your Artificial Intelligence by 90% with clear pricing from the start

Develop low-code/no-code

AIWave requires no specific NLP, Data Science or AI skills. Its low-code/no-code structure supports your less experienced team in developing AI applications, as well as speeding up the work of your professional developers in various ways.

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