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Navigating data and information to discover new correlations


In today’s digital era, knowledge is power, but much business knowledge remains inaccessible because it is usually stored in isolated data silos. The demand for immediate, up to date, and personalized information is rising, so organizations must make information accessible and useful to all stakeholders. To tackle this challenge, the use of tools that are intuitive and flexible is the key to a successful comprehensive data management strategy.


AIWave Discovery

AIWave Discovery is our technology that provides the tools to create advanced search solutions in an integrated manner. It enables the construction of semantic indexes for document analysis and the integration of AI models for Natural Language Processing (including new generative technologies). In addition, thanks to a diverse range of connectors, it offers the possibility of integrating information from different sources.


In order to provide an efficient search and discovery experience, our products integrate the latest available technologies, such as LLMs and Generative AI. This ensures the quality of provided search results and enables a set of brand-new functionalities that will change the way in which people make queries and interact with their data.



Why choose AIWave

All-in-one solution

One platform: all the AI you’ve ever wanted to integrate. A complete solution in which to find tools, capabilities, and applications to operationalize and manage an ever-growing portfolio of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Pricing without surprises

All-in-one not only in form, but also in pricing. AIWave reduces the cost of maintaining your Artificial Intelligence by 90% with clear pricing from the start

Develop low-code/no-code

AIWave requires no specific NLP, Data Science or AI skills. Its low-code/no-code structure supports your less experienced team in developing AI applications, as well as speeding up the work of your professional developers in various ways.

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