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Molecular diagnostics


Digitize processes for reliable results

This solution enables the digitization of processes performed in molecular diagnostics laboratories, from the analysis phase to reporting, providing data for each step in a structured and usable form.

Secure user identification

Constant monitoring of the diagnostic process

Clear interpretation of the analysis performed

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline your way of working while delivering the efficiency and productivity of your business

How it works


Use case

How it works

Innovation that speeds up diagnosis

The solution consists of a series of modules that enable digitization of the entire diagnosis process including data pertaining to the patient and sub-processes. In addition, through Gen AI, it provides the clinician with support in interpreting the results. Through these two steps, clinicians will have the ability to collect, tag and aggregate diagnosis data in order to train predictive AI/ML algorithms.


Automatic precompilation

Automating the process of compiling the report, previously compiled manually.

Simplified and tracked management

Effective control of new entries of both master data and information aimed at the examinations to be performed.

Interpretation support

Use of AI for in-depth Interpretation of test result, collecting and considering all data produced during the process.

Data aggregation

Dashboards defined to view the current status of all processes affecting the patient and interact with them.

Report composition

Creation of the report form with the goal of describing the patient’s eligibility for specific treatments.

Use case

Safe diagnoses, informed decisions


The challenge

A healthcare entity chose Almawave technology to speed up the molecular reporting process, which is typically done manually, thus being prone to prolonged and potential errors in data collection.

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The solution

The solution allows the entire process to be digitized by making the data usable and through the introduction of AI technologies provides support to the clinician in interpreting the results.

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The result

The data produced during the diagnosis process are tracked and easily accessible. The report generation process is faster and the clinician has contextual support in interpreting the result. Data thus stored and organized can also be used to train predictive algorithms for diagnosis.

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