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Digital Monitoring


Valuable online opinions

A solution for collecting a range of content and reviews published in over 130 online sources in real time and analyzing the actual perception of a tourism company or area of interest. It helps to understand how people talk about your events and offers, along with the most discussed topics, weak points that need improvement, and sentiment towards your competitors.

A snapshot of what's happening online

Sentiments and opinions constantly monitored

Real-time collection of conversations

Monthly processing of results

Defined classification of topics

Real-time monitoring of the progress of an event

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline the way you work while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Ready-to-use Digital Monitoring

Use case

How it works

The echo of events in real time

This solution collects content produced on various digital and social channels to learn about the needs, opinions, and moods of people talking about a specific topic associated with an event. Advanced AI algorithms are used to monitor the acquired data, promptly recognize new or critical situations, and analyze the contents of interest by evaluating the popularity of a topic. In addition, our proprietary deep learning algorithm automatically calculates the sentiment associated with user-posted content, ensuring the highest quality output.


Proprietary algorithms

Development of algorithms in collaboration with accredited research institutions, capable of automatically calculating “sentiment” on the various topics and ensuring the highest data quality.

Customizable dashboards

Detailed framework of information based on the different needs of the recipients.

Creation of alerts

Immediate alerts in case of critical content and timely intervention.


Constant monitoring of all major web and social platforms.

Dedicated reporting

Periodic reports with analysis of popularity, topics covered, opinions, etc.

Digital Monitoring ready-to-use

Infrastructure & Transportation

Digital Monitoring

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Digital Monitoring

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Central Government

Digital Monitoring

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Use case

Every moment counts

Events, emotions, data. AI is a powerful tool for tracking audience responses in real time, capturing the value of experiences.


The challenge

An important tourism company chose Almawave technology to measure the popularity and appreciation of major events, even as they are taking place.

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The solution

Our team of experts used data and tools to monitor the main social and web sources where the current event is mentioned in real time.

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The result

The solution is therefore able to generate both overall and detailed reports on specific aspects of the offers (art and culture, accommodation, catering, …).

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Towards a more attractive territory

Discover the power of simplicity. Take advantage of our AI solutions for your business, accelerating innovation and improving the user experience.


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