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Clinical Decision Support System


Advanced prognosis for your health

This solution involves a set of algorithms and synthetic-prognostic indicators gleaned from data that differs in nature, type, and source. It helps to identify the risks of onset or worsening of the disease, the stratification of patients, and integrated assistance (hospital – territory – home) with multi-specialist boards.

Optimization of care with respect to health status

Collection of large volumes and types of data

Planning of clinical or logistical interventions with respect to future problems

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline the way you work while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Use case

How it works

A tool to make life easier for doctors and patients

This pre-trained solution processes a large amount of data and makes predictions regarding clinical needs previously identified and discussed with the physicians. The prediction may relate to a clinical state, the presence, onset, or variation of a pathology. or a stable state with respect to the decision-making juncture and related treatment path.


Clear summaries

Multi-aspect aggregate indicators with prognostic scores for analyzing patient instability or deterioration.

Anticipatory care

Predictive algorithms to understand the health status of the patient and provide the physician with information.

Multidisciplinary teams

Experts initiating research and treatment processes to take preventive action in case of health risks.

Specific designs

Data-driven and synthetic prognostic indicators to develop shared choices within a care pathway.

Use case

Accurate decisions and happier patients

Advanced AI tools for digital healthcare that meets the needs of patients.


The challenge

A hospital in Northern Italy chose Almawave technology to make ever earlier personalized diagnoses and treatments. These tools develop reliable forecasts on the risks of developing diseases or complications and enable increasingly precise, punctual, and effective medical decisions.

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The solution

Through big data analysis, machine learning algorithms, and neural network technology, our team of experts are able to integrate and examine a wide range of patient data, both past (family, medical, and treatment history) and present (tests, vital signs). The analysis produces summary indicators on the risk levels associated with each of the situations monitored and formulates an overall assessment of the patient’s status and the most likely evolution.

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The result

Starting from simple routine blood tests, clinical staff have the ability to identify a patient with diabetes or one about to develop the disease, predict the time frame within which a patient with stage G4 nephropathy will enter dialysis, or even evaluate the probability of readmission for multipathological elderly patients discharged from a hospital. At the same time, the structure can also manage the availability of beds more effectively and better plan the supply of drugs and materials for optimal use of the available resources.

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Towards increasingly innovative digital health

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