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Broadcast Media Monitoring


Multimedia news in an instant

A solution for acquiring news and multimedia content from radio and television stations around the world in near real time. This is an advanced search engine for accessing specific content of interest, with automatic alerts based on pre-established criteria and delivery of the transcript within minutes of broadcast.

Highly personalized content

Accurate and natural automated editorial content

Reduction of barriers to accessing data and information

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline the way you work while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Use case

How it works

The impact of digital on connections

This solution collects data from various reliable external sources, whether public or not. With broadcast media monitoring services, companies can capture the most relevant content from radio and television broadcasters all over the world in real time.


Automatic Management

Automatic classification of content in digital archives.

Strong focus

Timely analysis of events and effective management of critical ones.

Direct usability

Multilingual content for use by all users.

Continuous listening

Synchronized searches to always retrieve the portion of the file of interest.

Clear integration

Access via APIs for integration with third-party systems.

Use case

From global content to local advantages

Global media with one click. AI creates a digital repository that accelerates the search for information.


The challenge

A major company chose Almawave technology to constantly monitor radio and TV media from around the world in order to capture content relevant to its business, both to immediately manage any critical situations and to build a rapidly searchable archive.

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The solution

Our team of experts provided a media intelligence model capable of collecting, integrating, and transcribing multiple multilingual audio/video sources within minutes of airing and indexing their content for search purposes.

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The result

The solution therefore creates a digital archive with the possibility of immediate access to the specific frame of interest in order to have a picture of the information that is also usable by means of transcription and subtitling.

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Towards the networks of tomorrow

Discover the power of simplicity. Take advantage of our AI solutions for your business, accelerating innovation and improving the user experience.


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