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22 September 2022

OBDA Systems launches new release of Eddy

OBDA Systems, a subsidiary of Almawave, has launched the new release of Eddy, the Open Source graphical editor for ontologies.

Eddy features a design environment specifically designed for the generation of Graphol ontologies through ad hoc features.

Key word of version 3.3 is interoperability: from now on, it will be possible to import ontologies in OWL format into Eddy, to obtain in an automatic, guided and intuitive way the design of the model.

It has syntax validation features at the design stage, which prevent ontology designers from building invalid Graphol expressions: feedback on the validity of the expression is provided through color coding of diagram elements.

Increasing simplicity in diagram navigation thanks to the help of several features and the availability of an even richer and more intuitive ontology environment.

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