Almawave, AlmavivA, and OBDA Systems participate in the event "Ital-IA 2023" | Almawave
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25 May 2023

Almawave, AlmavivA, and OBDA Systems participate in the event "Ital-IA 2023"

Public institutions, industry, and the world of research met in Pisa from May 29-31, for a conference dedicated to artificial intelligence organized by the National Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Intelligent Systems, created in 2018 by the CINI National Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science.

“AI Uptake in Italy: Numbers From the Artificial Intelligence Observatory and Success Stories” is the scheduled event that will feature Mirko Lalli, CDSO of Almawave and CEO of The Data Appeal Company. “AI for Public Administration” is the workshop organized by Maurizio Lenzerini, Professor of Computer Science at Rome’s La Sapienza University and co-founder and president of OBDA Systems.

On behalf of Almawave, Maria Borrello will present a scientific paper entitled “The Interpretability of Machine Learning Models as a Quality Parameter: the Datalake Giustizia Experience” with the objective of deepening analysis of the quality which data must possess in order to ensure a proper user experience and effective “data governance”.

A paper developed by Almaviva entitled “A UNet-Based Solution for Detecting Deforestation and Reduction of Reservoirs and Glaciers”, an innovative study on how AI can provide solutions for sustainability, will be presented by Fabio Previtali. Meanwhile, “A Knowledge Representation Approach for Modeling Aggregates: a Case Study at ISTAT” is the title of the paper developed by OBDA Systems.


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