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Regulatory Compliance


Advanced algorithms for effective compliance

The solution consists of a set of algorithms for searching, classifying and collating information, such as excerpts from European legislation, legal decrees, and internal regulations, which support public administration teams in producing compliance documents.

Facilitation in the drafting and review of inspection findings

Identification of the most appropriate regulations related to the specific situation

Effective manual classification of surveys

Availability of statistical analyses

Immediate access to information that is not readily available

Classification of the main topics

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and optimize the way you work by enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your business.

How it works


Use case

How it works

AI algorithms for advanced searches

Through Natural Language Processing, this solution guarantees the interpretation and processing of complex texts such as legislative or procedural documents.


Innovative neural networks

Data classification based on innovative language models.

Specialized algorithms

Algorithm training for reliable information extraction.

Defined review

A review of inspection findings and analysis of appropriate regulatory references.

Immediate access to information

Simplified usability of complex documents.

Advanced search

Textual and semantic search functionality through deep learning algorithms.

Use case

Text classification of regulatory passages

Our service offers a series of specialized algorithms to identify, classify, and combine key information in order to support judicial bodies.


The challenge

An inspection authority approached Almawave expressing the need for a search, classification, and information-gathering system to support inspection activities and the resulting decision-making process.

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The solution

Our team of experts used the Regulatory Compliance set of algorithms to develop a prototype neural model to classify the text of excerpts from European legislation, Italian Law Decrees, and internal regulations of the organization in question. The classification is based on a BERT language model, a model through which state-of-the-art results can be obtained from various typical natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Following this, specific parsing algorithms were developed for the various categories of legislation, which are used for the orderly extraction of text passages to recreate the necessary input for the classifier.

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The result

With the Regulatory Compliance solution, we created a reliable system that facilitates the drafting and review of inspection findings, allowing inspectors and auditors to make comparisons with similar findings and immediately access information that is not readily available.

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Towards a more accessible Public Administration

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