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Patient surveys


Advanced clinical interaction

This solution makes it possible to automate calls to patients in order to obtain clinical, therapeutic, and follow-up information. The calls are made using natural language and are designed to evaluate therapy adherence, including via scheduled reminders that facilitate identification of any complications or other events.

Timely monitoring of the patient's health status

Sentiments and opinions constantly monitored

Breaking down the digital divide

Continuous quality of life monitoring

Automatic analysis of response trends through dashboards or graphs

Optimization of care and prevention of clinical risk

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline the way you work while making your business more efficient and productive.


How it works


Use case

How it works

Operational support for healthcare personnel

This solution allows users to be contacted to complete questionnaires on the state of health and quality of life. The assistant asks specific questions in natural language, and the answers are structured, classified, and stored for analysis, consultation, or use by predictive algorithms. Furthermore, through quick and direct contact with the patient, this solution allows specific questions to be developed to obtain clear answers, supporting the doctor in formulating the treatment path.

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Unified management

Management of clinical parameters to place the patient at the center of the physician’s attention.

Constant reminder

Memo creation for the patient’s medication intake, physical activity, rehabilitation, etc.

Punctual alerting

Dashboard analysis of changes in the patient’s health status to detect any negative changes

Automated calls

Specific questions in natural language, structured, classified, and stored for analysis and consultation.

Continuous remote assistance

Direct interaction between the physician and patient, avoiding travel and optimizing diagnosis and treatment.

Use case

Answers that matter

Our expertise is embodied in a system that helps healthcare professionals to process questions and record answers. Surveys and scores targeting the patient’s care pathway provide a clear understanding of health status



The challenge

A healthcare organization used Almawave technology to engage less proactive and digital patients in preventive medicine and healthcare follow ups.

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The solution

Our team of experts provided a system that allows healthcare staff to set the questions and transcribe the answers. In addition, specific surveys and scores are defined with respect to the patient’s care pathway and health status to provide a clear picture. Once the basic structure of the survey is established, the conversational assistant contacts the patient in a simple and ordinary way via a voice call, in which the patient is asked specific questions. The answers are transcribed, classified, and monitored. With this clear and specific information, the physician defines a detailed treatment plan and makes a more accurate clinical assessment.

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The result

The solution allows apps and platforms to be defined, developed, and provided to physicians and healthcare facilities to collect patient data and manage it in a structured way, including for possible diagnostic prediction.

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Towards an increasingly innovative digital health

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