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Infrastructure Sustainability Monitoring


Eco-friendly infrastructure

This solution analyzes social, environmental, and economic aspects of the infrastructure to identify the most influential stakeholders and evaluate sentiment emerging from the public debate on topics related to the infrastructure.

Preconfigured template of sustainability KPIs

Clear Sentiment Analysis with proprietary AI algorithms

Data analysis, data science, and periodic reporting

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline your way of working while delivering the efficiency and productivity of your business.

How it works


Use case

How it works

Sustainability on the go

This solution is set-up quickly and continuously monitors the public debate with in-depth collection from sources of territorial importance.
Monitoring the debate makes it possible to recognize the top stakeholders and influencers: local and national politicians, associations and representative bodies, journalists, and accounts with a high level of engagement.


Proprietary algorithms

Consolidated AI-powered sentiment analysis tools.

Focus on sustainability

A pre-configured model of specific KPIs enables precise mapping.

Dissemination topics

Ability to analyze the most popular topics.

Multi-channel analysis

Monitoring of major media and sources of relevance.

Periodic reports

Reporting through monthly summary documents.

Use case

Opinion matters

AI provides valuable support for comprehensive, multi-channel analysis of what is being said online about a specific brand or service.


The challenge

An important transportation body requested Almawave’s support in collecting the “debate” on infrastructure projects from social networks and the web, analyzing it, and defining communication and risk mitigation actions.

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The solution

The content interpretation model is based on mapping all relevant KPIs for monitoring major works in order to understand the top three topics and user sentiment relating to ESG issues.

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The result

The system defined the local debate and lobbying with an overview of all the information collected. Approximately 296,960 results were obtained, and 50 tags and 50 stakeholders were monitored.

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