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Information Discovery


Intelligent searches in digital archives

This solution makes it possible to optimize the content of documents to facilitate access to safety procedures and other essential information for infrastructure maintenance activities.

Simple, multilingual searches in natural language

Usability of content in the knowledge base

Reduction of training and onboarding costs and times

Enhancement of company assets

Accuracy and quality of the search response

A single hub for information access

The solution tells its story

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline your way of working while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Ready-to-use information discovery

Use case

How it works

The knowledge management engine

This solution automatically acquires content from multiple sources and in various formats, indexing it with respect to defined models and rules through a single access hub. It enables “visual” navigation with evidence of the correlation between the content and entities detected (legislation, standards and certifications, suppliers, etc.) and the integration of the service in user front ends (e.g., CRM or portals).


Key Information

Indexing and automatic extraction of relevant concepts from documents.

Online suggestions

AI used as a valuable tool to support metadata operations.

Visual navigation

Immediate representation of links between concepts and entities with graphs.

Automatic search

Easy retrieval of logically and conceptually related files and content through the potential of semantic searches.

Shared knowledge

Integration with popular document-sharing software.

Ready-to-use information discovery


Information Discovery

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Telco & Media

Information Discovery

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Central Government

Information Discovery

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Use case

Safety first

Safety on the rail with ease. With digital, a simple, comprehensive search for safety documentation can be made.


The challenge

A company in the railroad sector chose Almawave technology to search safety documentation relating to certain aspects of its business in a comprehensive and easily accessible manner.

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The solution

Our team of experts provided cognitive services to optimize searches in specific domains, facilitate access to content, and suggest the information content of documents in a “smart” way.

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The result

A tool based on natural language used to find relevant information, visualize the resulting dataset through knowledge graphs, concept trees, and ontologies to make more informed decisions.

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Towards the new era of mobility

Discover the power of simplicity. Take advantage of our AI solutions for your business, accelerating innovation and improving the user experience.


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