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Field Vocal Services


Quick, innovative maintenance

The solution includes voice services and process automation to support operators in reporting technical and maintenance activities, such as infrastructure inspections, checks on public transport means.

Speech recognition in technical-specialist fields

High performance in noisy environments

Integration with workforce management and augmented reality applications

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline your way of working while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Use case

How it works

The voice as a support tool for technical activities

This solution describes the fault and necessary intervention. It automatically detects the impacted component, cause/reason for the fault, etc.


Natural interaction

Technical speech recognition.

High performance

Distinctive abilities in distinguishing voice from background noise.

Instant detection

AI uses transcribed text to identify the characteristics and level of urgency of the required intervention.

Business applications

Processed information is transmitted to back-end systems and updates databases.

Secure authentication

Operator identification also possible through voice biometric tools

Use case

A voice note for analyzing anomalies

Real-time analysis of possible problems in transportation infrastructure can help service operators when intervening in advance and solving possible difficulties.


The challenge

An important transportation agency requested Almawave’s support for vocal reporting of anomalies detected through infrastructure inspections, for “hands-free” information collection.

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The solution

Advanced AI algorithms analyze the type of discrepancy, distance interval relating to the anomaly, closest technical office that can solve the problem, and level of urgency.

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The result

Through AI, the quality of the information was enriched with contextual control of several areas of intervention. About 14 compartments analyzed, with about 8,600 visits/year.

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Event Risk & Alert Classification

Automatically monitors key information to support control room operators, simplify event management, and prevent anomalies.


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