Event, risk & alert classification: anomalies automatic tracking
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Event Risk & Alert Classification


Automatic tracking of anomalies

This solution uses tracking functions and automatic entry of key information simplifies to support control room operators with event management.

Interpretation and automatic classification of anomalous events

Automatic extraction of key information

Priority identification

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline your way of working while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Use case

How it works

The transformation of mobility

The solution automatically identifies critical events detected on the network and classifies the type of anomaly/danger (“automatic tagging”). Quick start through the presence of a consistent data history for the purposes of algorithm training.


Automatic identification

The system is able to recognize and capture events considered relevant to safety.

Rapid recognition

A classification algorithm identifies the type of anomaly.

Greater efficiency

The tool allows more precise and homogeneous management of critical cases, with lower costs.

Intensive management

Capacity to handle up to 350,000 anomalous events per year.

Rapid start-up

Presence of a complete data history that accelerates algorithm training time.

Use case

Clear and timely analysis

Being able to swiftly identify potential anomalies in the transportation network is a competitive advantage, crucial for avoiding issues and delivering high-level service.


The challenge

An important transportation company requested the support of Almawave for timely analysis of anomalies detected by infrastructure inspections, for “hands-free” collection of information.

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The solution

Starting from a recorded voice note, the system processes and compiles key information such as the type of anomaly, mileage relating to the discrepancies, and type of urgency.

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The result

The operator has a clear, well-defined picture of the problem and the its severity. About 3,500 maintenance technicians in the field with about 100,000 inspection visits per year.

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Field Vocal Services

Supports operators in reporting technical and maintenance activities with a data-driven approach.


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