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Email Automation


Each message contains a crucial piece of information

The email management solution leverages Artificial Intelligence to streamline the classification and dispatching of emails, simplifying internal processes and resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Effectiveness and timeliness in email management

Increased productivity and consistency in classification

Real-time monitoring of process performance

Continuous improvement in the accuracy of results.

Message comprehension and generation of draft responses

Reduced discretion and likelihood of errors

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline your way of working while delivering the efficiency and productivity of your business.

How it works


Use case

How it works

The ideal support for the healthcare workforce

Through linguistic, semantic, and text analysis models, the solution can gather emails from various sources, read and analyze the textual content, extract information, and organize it by relevant topics. It prioritizes messages, sorts them, and schedules sendings. With Generative AI, the solution also creates responses that can be reviewed by an operator or sent automatically.


Understanding the message

Identification of relevant topics in different types of emails to enable their automatic classification .

Direct data transfer

Information transfer in standard formats for integration into other business systems.

Contextual responses

Automatic creation of draft email responses using Gen AI.

Clear summary framework

Dynamic widgets for building custom reports that give a complete view of data of interest.

Instant notifications

Option to configure alerts for taking timely action on identified issues.

Use case

Automates email classification with AI


The challenge

A leading healthcare institution has selected Almawave technology to streamline the management of a vast volume of communication and documentation related to care requests, medical records, patient identification, and various types of medical conditions.

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The solution

Using advanced AI algorithms, the solution is able to automate the process of filtering and sorting emails, ensuring that relevant information quickly reaches the appropriate recipients. This has enabled a reduction of human errors in the email handling process, ensuring more reliable communication.

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The result

As a result, the health institute achieved improved operational efficiency, allowing staff to prioritize strategic activities over manual email management. Additionally, it improved regulatory compliance through better organized and easily traceable documentation. Finally, there was a significant boost in training and professional development facilitated by targeted distribution of training materials and information.

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Towards increasingly innovative digital health

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