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Contract & Campaign Management


Automation and real-time monitoring

The solution for automating and scheduling information campaigns, surveys, caring initiatives, and promotions on digital channels. It also includes features such as real-time campaign monitoring, classification, and automatic sending of emails, with a focus on quality assurance and compliance.



Effective and optimized campaign scheduling

Improved citizen services

Minimal set-up time and low operating costs

No impact on business systems

Dynamic communications due to the IVR design

A unified, clear view of data

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline the way you work while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


How it works

The power of connections

This solution is able to send messages to users en masse, analyze interactions with the contact centre, and even categorize incoming emails according to content. Through these aspects, AI helps businesses to manage relationships with current and future customers in an effective, timely, and efficient manner.


Campaign scheduling

Graphical editor capable of customized content.

Clear knowledge

Integrated corporate information systems for direct communication.

Timely monitoring

Constant evaluation of user interaction.

Customized messaging

Direct interaction between operators and customers with respect to requests.

Linear categorization

Clearly categorized information and data.

Towards the networks of tomorrow

Discover the power of simplicity. Take advantage of our AI solutions for your business, accelerating innovation and improving the user experience.


Do you want to make a difference in your business? With our expertise, we will achieve great results together.