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Anonymization and Pseudonymization of Health Data


Patient Privacy Protection

The solution safeguards patients’ sensitive data by automatically and securely substituting real names with pseudonyms, fully adhering to privacy regulations. Advanced AI models ensure precision, while operation traceability ensures transparency and consistency. Each patient is consistently linked to the same pseudonym, facilitating the reconstruction of their clinical journey and tracking of tests and results.

Compliance with privacy regulations and protection of sensitive data

Anonymization of clinical data for research and development purposes

Automated pseudonym generation

Solution insights

Our solution is designed to simplify and streamline the way you work while making your business more efficient and productive.

How it works


Use case

How it works

Operational support for healthcare personnel

The tool uploads reports written in natural language to be pseudonymized. Advanced AI models automatically detect patients’ names and other sensitive details within the reports. Realistic pseudonyms are then generated by combining common Italian first and last names. The tool keeps track of these substitutions, recording the real names and their corresponding pseudonyms, providing the data owner with the ability to identify individuals.


Secure identification of the data owner

The pseudonymizations are tracked and securely linked back to the patient’s identity, ensuring protection and confidentiality.

Automatic classification

Personal data are automatically recognized, using AI techniques and semantic analysis of the report.

High accuracy

Bidirectional comprehension of word context within a sentence

Use case

Safe healthcare with digital solutions


The challenge

A healthcare institute has chosen Almawave technology to anonymize its patients’ health data, empowering clinicians to use it in defining care or prevention strategies.

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The solution

Our solution employs advanced AI algorithms to securely process extensive volumes of linguistic data, such as specialist comments, image descriptions, and symptom identification. This process ensures the data’s usability while upholding patient privacy.

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The result

Our team of experts has been able to train models that have helped clinicians promptly identify the onset of a condition and have enabled the Healthcare Entity to adopt resource optimization plans and strategies based on predictive analysis.

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Data Extraction System from Radiology Reports

Automatically extract useful information from radiology reports.

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