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11 April 2024

Valeria Sandei attending the Enterprise Film Award event

Today concludes the third day of the second edition of the Premio Film Impresa, the annual event dedicated to the awarding of short, very short and the best documentaries of Italian enterprise. A unique opportunity to showcase the stories of companies that choose to communicate through the language of film.

On the day of April 10, Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei spoke as part of the panel “C’ERA ANCORA DOMANI: il privato, il lavoro, la creatività -From the right to employment to the autonomy of feelings (37′) and emphasized: “The IT sector offers great opportunities for women. The key is always competence, which has no gender. Even today, however, there are few girls; I wish there were more. AI will give a boost in so many industries and activities, fostering productivity and efficiency and greater interconnection between knowledge. It is a great opportunity for everyone in the digital world.”.