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21 September 2022

The Data Appeal Company announces the launch of its tourism information platform in Brazil

The Data Appeal Company, a Location Intelligence company of the Almawave Group, announces the launch in Brazil of its tourism intelligence platform for destination analysis, sentiment, and advanced geolocation. The presentation of Data Appeal Studio will be one of the highlights for the Company at ABAV Expo 2022, which will take place September 21-23 in Recife, PE.

Domenico Rossi, CEO of Almawave do Brasil, says TDAC’s arrival on the national scene reinforces the Group’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation of Brazilian industries. “The Data Appeal Company is recognized for its technology that enhances several fronts of the market. And, without a doubt, one of the sectors we have been working on the most is tourism, increasing the capacity of travel agencies, hotels, and governments to offer better services and the infrastructure that people seek during their travels. Bringing innovation and the intelligence of technological transformation is at the core of our Group’s performance,” the manager stresses.

“Our big goal is to democratize the analysis of data and location records in a really smart way,” says Mirko Lalli, CEO and founder of The Data Appeal Company, adding that the company has already mapped and tracked more than 15 million establishments and points of tourist interest in the country. “We are happy to arrive in Brazil, a market with great growth potential, in the midst of a tourism recovery.”

The solution offered by TDAC will enable market scenario analysis and an in-depth understanding of visitor sentiment for a given venue or attraction, as well as increase visibility of prospects in relation to flight, hotel and service bookings in a given area. “Our unique combination of data is ideal for predicting trends and developing effective growth and marketing strategies for destinations and their operators,” adds Lalli.

As a next step, the idea is to show how Data Appeal Studio can help, for example, the hotel industry and event organizers understand what the brands’ reputation is with the public and understand customers’ desires in relation to the services offered. “We can also help public entities know the path taken by these tourists, facilitating the infrastructure strategies needed to meet this context,” Lalli concludes.

On Sept. 22, at 4 p.m., TDAC’s global CEO will give a talk on how tourism destinations of the future use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to better understand tourists’ sentiments and make better decisions. On the occasion, the Brasil Destino Digital Award will be presented to the Basilian states with the best Digital Reputation, in the categories of General Sensation, Hospitality, Natural Reserves, Gastronomic Reputation and Attraction Offerings.

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