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The best of month (2)

1 March 2024

The Best of February

The “Best of the Month” column provides a comprehensive overview of the information and news within our organization.

Precise and thorough, this monthly section provides a detailed overview of the most significant events, awards received, and noteworthy moments that have defined our journey over the past month.

February was characterized by our obtainment of a new certification in the healthcare field which strengthens our position in this sector. Furthermore, Almawave was also mentioned in the Forrester report and recognized as one of the leading providers of text mining and analytics platforms.

Our experts participated in various events, each of them, through their involvement, successfully promoting our technological solutions.

“The Best of the Month” is, therefore, a crucial tool for strengthening our corporate identity, emphasizing our ongoing commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of new heights of success. In this institutional context, the column serves as tangible evidence of our growth and our dedication to maintaining high standards of performance.

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