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17 October 2022

SMAU 2022 Innovation Award for Artificial Intelligence Serving Retirees

The INPS Pensions Digital Consultant, created with Iride technologies by Almawave, an Almaviva Group company listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market (Ticker: AIW) and a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language analysis and Big Data services, has won the Smau 2022 Innovation Award.
The INPS Digital Pension Advisor is a personalized service through which pensioners, in a simple way and without the use of experts, check whether they are entitled to supplementary benefits that allow them to increase the amount of their pension in payment.

The project carried out with the collaboration of Almaviva and Almawave as part of the digital innovation activities provided for by the PNRR allows the Institute to identify users who, without knowing it, are eligible for a certain benefit (such as a pension supplement or the fourteenth month’s salary), and let them know all the benefits they can enjoy.
The service, which has been active since April 2022, offers an initial group of pension benefits covering the fourteenth-month bonus, the pension supplement, and the minimum pension supplement. Other benefits will be integrated as early as later this year.
The Digital Advisor therefore has the key role of alerting users and simplifying the application flow of pensioners.

“INPS today aims to offer increasingly personalized, proactive, efficient, accessible and inclusive services that respond to citizens’ new expectations of the public administration. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the Digital Advisor makes it possible to expand the audience of benefit recipients,” commented Massimiliano D’Angelo, INPS Central Director of Technology, Information Technology and Innovation.

Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave: “We are proud to be partners in the innovation process of the National Social Security Institute in a project that puts people at the center and offers a valuable service, confirming how technology can be a driver of opportunities and a guarantee of efficiency and inclusion.”

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