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6 December 2023

Mirko Lalli at TEDx TrentoSalon

TEDx Trento promotes social innovation through the dissemination of positive ideas and experiences.

On December 14th, four exceptional speakers will take turns on the stage of TEDxTrentoSalon in Moena, Val di Fassa, for a continuous discussion on innovation processes and digital strategies.

During the session entitled “The Revolution of Tourism in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”, Mirko Lalli, CEO of The Data Appeal Company and CDSO Almawave, will talk about how Generative AI is a powerful ally in the process of digital transformation in the tourism sector. Lalli will demonstrate how AI improves the tourist experience by personalizing trips and offering unique experiences while also serving as a valuable ally for destination managers in optimizing what the tourism industry has to offer as well as anticipating its trends.

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