Ital-IA 2024: Almawave participates in the Fourth CINI National Conference on Artificial Intelligence | Almawave
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24 May 2024

Ital-IA 2024: Almawave participates in the Fourth CINI National Conference on Artificial Intelligence


Public institutions, industry, and the research community come together at the Conference on Artificial Intelligence organized by the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, established in 2018 by CINI – National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics, which now comprises 58 nodes, including almost every Italian university, as well as CNR, FBK, and IIT.

The conference is organized by the University of Naples Federico II at the Stazione Marittima Centro Congressi (Molo Angioino, Naples Port) and spans two days, May 29th and 30th. The first day will feature a series of thematic workshops, while the second day will focus on plenary sessions covering the latest developments in Large Language Models and the AI-Act.

Almaviva, Almawave, and Data Jam (our university spin-off) will present scientific papers, and we, along with Data Jam, will sponsor the event.

Two scientific papers will be presented for Almawave:

  • “Empowering E-Services Through the Semantic Web”, prepared by Raffaella Maria Aracri, Dario Frisardi, and Roberta Radini of ISTAT and Valerio Santarelli, CTO of OBDA System, a member of the Almawave Group;
  • “Automatic Summarization of Legal Texts, Extractive Summarization Using LLMs”, prepared by David Preti , Cristina Giannone , Andrea Favalli and Raniero Romagnoli  of Almawave.

Two other important papers will be presented by Data Jam:

  • “Developing a Decision Support System with a Georeferenced Smart City Security Index (SCSI): a Case Study of Messina”, prepared by Giuseppe Accardo, Roberta Marino, and Valentina Esposito of Data Jam;
  • “Implementing Vision Transformers in Dermatological Practice: a Web Application for Melanoma Screening”, developed by Daniele Sirico, Giuseppe Accardo, and Valentina Esposito of Data Jam


And a paper by Almaviva:

“GiottoBugFixer: an Effective and Scalable Easy-to-Use Framework for Fixing Software Issues in a DevOps Pipeline”, prepared by Naro Silvia, AI Architect, and Pellegriti Placido, Data Scientist, at Almaviva.

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