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Certificazione Parità di genere agli AD Valeria Sandei (Almawave) e Marco Tripi (Gruppo Almaviva)

13 March 2024

Gender Equality: Almaviva and Almawave certified by DNV

Almaviva and Almawave have obtained the UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification from DNV, the only gender equality standard in Italy. This certification is an important acknowledgement of the company’s commitment to adopting concrete measures to bridge the gender gap and ensure a more inclusive work environment, capable of creating value through diversity and empowering individuals to fully realize their potential.

In all its forms, a variety of perspectives is a value. Even more so in the world of technology and artificial intelligence, where a future that affects everyone is being shaped, one that must be as inclusive and representative as possible. This is why it’s increasingly important for women to understand the potential of digital technologies and to actively participate in this process, putting themselves out there to help build a more equal world,” said Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave.

The commitment to creating an inclusive work environment is no longer just an opinion, but rather part of an approach that is verified through specific objectives and reporting processes. This commitment translates into an organizational model that values diversity and represents an important first step towards true cultural change in our society. Initiatives like this have value not only within the company, but also beyond it, as they help promote a shift in paradigm,” emphasized Massimo Alvaro, CEO of Business Assurance Italy for DNV

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