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30 September 2022

First edition Brasil Destino Digital Award organized by The Data Appeal Company

On the occasion of ABAV Expo 2022, which took place September 21-23 at the Pernambuco Convention Center in Recife, PE, the 1st edition of the Brasil Destino Digital Award, conceived by The Data Appeal Company, an Almawave Group company, was held.

Present at the award ceremony were Domenico Rossi, CEO of Almawave do Brasil, and the CEO & Founder of Data Appeal, Mirko Lalli, along with other Brazilian executives for the launch of its Data Appeal Studio platform: an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that, with its own algorithms and a large Data Lake for destination analysis, sentiment and advanced geolocation, is able to help the most diverse companies in the tourism sector understand what is the reputation of a brand among the public and what are the desires of customers in relation to the services offered.

“This important recognition in the tourism sector is the result of an analysis of more than 157 million pieces of digital content, collected from September 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022, on about 2.5 million points of interest throughout Brazil in the areas of Hospitality, Food & Beverages, Nature Reserves, Transportation, Attraction Offerings, and Seasons,” Lalli pointed out.

Five awards were given this year: the award for the Brazilian state with the best digital reputation in the General Sentiment category went to Santa Catarina. The state with the best hospitality offer is São Paulo. Also in the Southeastern Region of Brazil, the State of Rio de Janeiro was awarded for Best Attraction Offer, while in the Northeast, the State of Ceará won the award for Best Gastronomic Reputation. Finally, Pernambuco, the host state of this year’s ABAV Expo, won first prize as the Brazilian state with the best Digital Reputation in the Natural Reserves category.

Mirko Lalli, who is also a member of the expert committee of the European Commission’s Smart Cities project, also made a contribution of his own, along with Murilo Couto, Head of Business Development in Brazil at TDAC, at ABAV Expo, the conference that analyzes how tourism destinations of the future use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to better understand tourist sentiment and make the best decisions.