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MAY The best

6 June 2024

Best of May

The “Best of the Month” column represents a comprehensive overview of information and news within our organization.

With its accuracy and comprehensiveness, this monthly section provides a detailed overview of the most relevant events, awards acquired and highlights that have shaped our journey over the past month.

The month of May was marked by a set of very important events that enhanced the company and our offerings. We won the “Felix Industry Award,” the recognition given to the 100 best performing companies in terms of management, financial reliability and sustainability.

There were many events attended by our CEO and experts, and each, within his or her speech, succeeded in enhancing our technology offerings.

“The Best of the Month” thus presents itself as a crucial tool for consolidating our corporate identity, underscoring our constant commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of innovation and success. In this institutional context, the column serves as tangible evidence of our growth path and our dedication to maintaining high performance standards.

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