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Best of month december

3 January 2024

Best of December

The ‘Best of the Month’ column is the information hub within our organisation, providing a meticulous and incisive account of every success and achievement of the company. With its precision and thoroughness, this monthly section provides a detailed overview of the most relevant events, awards and highlights that have characterised our journey during the past month.

Each edition of ‘The Best of the Month’ is a strategic document that offers a clear view of the company’s performance, highlighting the efforts dedicated to growth and innovation.

The month of December was characterised by the consolidation of our presence within the DITECFER network and our partnership with the Napoli Fintech Lab, our participation in one of the Innovation Days organised by INPS, which allowed us to focus on our expertise in the public administration sphere, and finally, there were many events attended by our CEO and industry experts to present our reality and our commitment to developing cutting-edge technological solutions.

“The Best of the Month” is therefore a crucial tool for consolidating our corporate identity, emphasising our constant commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of new heights of success. In this institutional context, the column serves as tangible evidence of our growth path and our dedication to maintaining high standards of performance.

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