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3 May 2024

Best of April

The ‘Best of the Month’ column is a comprehensive overview of information and news within our organisation.

With its precision and thoroughness, this monthly section provides a detailed overview of the most relevant events, awards and highlights that have characterised our journey during the past month.

The month of April was characterised by a set of very important events that enhanced the company and our offer. We launched Velvet, an Italian Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, multilingual and multimodal model, with the objective of creating a large language model (LLM) that will operate, first and foremost, with a focus on Italian language and content, and will be developed in a multilingual key, involving the main European idioms.

There were several events in which our CEO and experts participated, and each one, within its own intervention, managed to enhance our technological offering.

‘The Best of the Month’ thus presents itself as a crucial tool for consolidating our corporate identity, emphasising our constant commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of innovation and success. In this institutional context, the column serves as tangible evidence of our growth path and our dedication to maintaining high performance standards.

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