"Artificial intelligence, revolution of the century": yesterday Almaviva and Almawave Roundtable at MAXXI in Rome | Almawave
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15 May 2024

"Artificial intelligence, revolution of the century": yesterday Almaviva and Almawave Roundtable at MAXXI in Rome

“Artificial intelligence represents the revolution of the century. And we are still only at the beginning.” So began the panel discussion “Bringing AI to life in strategic sectors: opportunities and challenges,” an active discussion featuring prominent speakers moderated by journalist Barbara Carfagna.

The backdrop was the MAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome and the new Exhibition “Environments 1956-2010 Environments by Women Artists II,” of which Almaviva is an Innovation Partner.

“Artificial intelligence is in so many things and its applications are many. Companies face some significant challenges when it comes to implementing and using AI. One of these is data collection and management. Without quality data, AI cannot function properly. Therefore, companies need to ensure that their data is accurate, complete and up-to-date. In Italy, we have excellence in various fields, but only through a thorough understanding of the potential and limitations of AI, along with appropriate policies and procedures, can the full potential of this revolutionary technology be exploited.” Comments Valeria Sandei, CEO Almawave.

Is Italy ready for an efficient state? “The Public Administration has its slownesses but also its excellences and speeds. The internal push for PA innovation is there and should be sustained.”

I believe that digitization is transforming several special core departments. There are several benefits of AI adoption, from streamlining work processes. In fact, for us predictive analytics is a key aspect that allows us to know in advance where the problem is and thus support operators in the activities of identifying offenses,” so Rosario Massino, Division General, GdF Special Units Commander.
“Without engineering and data quality any AI platform would be meaningless, so we need to start from the data. It is important to make the right use of AI, which for me has two directions: one related to the engine of innovative solutions and the second is to support the operation of processes and make services more efficient, without replacing humans but representing the right aid, “says Paolino Iorio, Director General Business of Sogei.

The digital revolution in our Italian healthcare system is constantly growing. We thought of an AI program to help GPs manage the mass of health data and make more accurate decisions. Italy is among the countries that are most committed to this process of healthcare digitization,” stresses Domenico Mantoan DG

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