Almawave speaks at ABILab's "Digital Banking and Contact Center." | Almawave
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4 July 2022

Almawave speaks at ABILab's "Digital Banking and Contact Center."

What are the trends in digital banking? How are banks’ offering strategies changing? Where are we with respect to digital onboarding? On July 6 and 7, the results of a year of research by ABILab’s Digital Banking and Contact Center Banking Observatories will be presented.

A leader in Artificial Intelligence and natural language analysis, Almawave is participating in the event to illustrate the potential of technology in the digital evolution of customer service, a pillar of the bank-customer relationship in a context of increasing remote relationship. “Customer service technologies – convergence of use cases in different geographies,” the title of Almawave CTO Raniero Romagnoli’s talk at the July 7 workshop.

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