Almawave: revenues grow 41% in q1 2023 to euro 12.8 million | Almawave
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5 May 2023

Almawave: revenues grow 41% in q1 2023 to euro 12.8 million

The Board of Directors of Almawave S.p.A., an Italian enterprise listed on the Euronext Growth Milan (Ticker: AIW) and a member of the Almaviva Group, an Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language analysis and Big Data services leader, today approved the Q1 2023 consolidated results.

Almawave’s Chief Executive Officer Valeria Sandei, stated: “The results for the first quarter of this year confirm the company’s continued growth trajectory. Almawave’s performance improved further at the beginning of the year, with all business components strengthening. The contribution of the companies acquired in 2022 also supported this growth. They are involved in extremely innovative areas and have immediately been integrated into the business model. The outlook for the markets in which we are engaged allow us to look to the rest of the year with confidence”.

Revenues in the first three months of the year rose 40.9% on Q1 2022 to Euro 12.8 million. Total revenues and other income amounted to Euro 13.9 million, up 44.6% on the previous year.