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11 December 2023

Almawave joins the DITECFER Consortium Network

Almawave, a member company of the Almaviva Group specializing in Data & Artificial Intelligence, has joined the DITECFER Consortium (District for Railway Technologies, High Speed, and Network Security), which currently brings together more than fifty of the most dynamic and collaborative companies and research organizations in Italy.

Almawave’s entry into the consortium further strengthens the Almaviva Group’s connection to the district, which also includes Tecnau, a company that joined the Almaviva Group in 2022 and specializes in the design, development, and integration of hardware and software solutions for supervision and remote control systems in the context of linear and vertical infrastructures.

This strong synergy between the different companies contributes to the strategic reinforcement and consolidation of technological expertise, with the objective of developing increasingly innovative solutions, tackling complex challenges, and seizing business opportunities.

Paolo Paravento (Chief Sales & Revenue Officer) and Antonio Pipelnino (Head of Sales Transportation at Almawave), as well as Daniele Matteini (President of DITECFER) and Veronica Elena Bocci (coordinator of the district) were present at the ceremony, attended by all members of the consortium.

“I am very pleased with Almawave’s entry into the DITECFER consortium. Our goal is to leverage our expertise to create a sustainable, multi-channel, and service-rich transportation ecosystem thanks to our AI-based solutions. We are at the forefront of the world of AI and are able to accelerate innovation, with the goal of generating new and improved mobility experiences,” emphasizes Paravento.