Almawave and Ditecfer team up to promote AI-based technological innovation in the rail industry | Almawave
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3 July 2024

Almawave and Ditecfer team up to promote AI-based technological innovation in the rail industry

Almawave and Ditecfer, the District for Railway Technology, High Speed and Network Safety announce that they have signed a strategic agreement based on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the railway industrial supply chain.
The collaboration marks an important step forward toward innovation and modernization of the Italian rail ecosystem through an increasingly effective use of data and information aimed at all industry players.

We are excited about this collaboration with DITECFER, which constitutes a significant opportunity to apply our AI and data intelligence technologies to the rail industry” stated Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave. “Our company has for a number of years been investing in Artificial Intelligence technologies in Italy. As such, we are familiar with the application of these technologies within the specific context of Transportation, in part due to synergies with the parent company Almaviva, which is among the world leaders in the sector. Together, our objective is to create a safer, more efficient and innovative railway ecosystem, establishing Italy as a global role model.”

We are the first European railway cluster to sign this kind of operational agreement on AI. DITECFER once again shows that it is a leader in fostering and creating concrete pathways to enable our companies to adopt advanced technologies, with a focus – though not exclusively – on small and medium-sized enterprises. Having brought our companies – and those in Europe generally – closer to blockchain and AI technologies through our European project ‘STARS’, and after co-founding the European Digital Innovation Hub ‘AI MAGISTER’, we are now accelerating even further to keep pace with the spread of AI and to render our supply chain and the rail sector ever more competitive”, Daniele Matteini, president of Ditecfer, emphasizes.

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