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28 November 2022

Almawave and Cy4gate sign partnership in AI field

Almawave (EGM: AIW), an Almaviva Group company and leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language analysis and Big Data services, and CY4GATE (EGM: CY4), a company active in the all-around cyber market with a diversified offering of proprietary technologies, announce that they have signed a strategic partnership aimed at integrating some of Almawave’s technologies related to natural language recognition and interpretation capabilities (thanks to advanced Natural Language Processing techniques) into Cy4Gate’s Decision Intelligence platforms, further enhancing and enhancing the platforms’ capabilities in order to offer new functionalities requested by customers.
“Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave, emphasized: ‘Almawave demonstrates a unique and innovative wealth of AI skills and technologies supporting the Cyber Intelligence & Cyber Security market. This partnership aims to leverage the potential of AI to contribute in a structured and sustainable manner to the evolution of CY4GATE platforms, while preserving the utmost aspects of confidentiality and accuracy.’

Emanuele Galtieri, CEO of CY4Gate Group, commented: ‘Focusing on artificial intelligence and collaborating with a partner like Almawave, which has been a pioneer in industry trends on Natural Language Processing techniques, represents a unique opportunity for us to maintain a significant competitive advantage in the specific market. National and European digital sovereignty relies on industrial collaborations and partnerships with research entities. Self-sufficiency no longer exists in any sector, let alone in the cyber domain. With this awareness, Cy4Gate prioritizes targeted partnerships capable of ensuring mutual technological and know-how contamination to generate disruptive innovations in its sector.'”

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