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Almawave CEO Sandei at the UPA annual general meeting

11 July 2023

Almawave CEO Sandei at the UPA annual general meeting

The traditional annual meeting of UPA Utenti Pubblicità Associati was held in Milan, at the Strehler Theatre. After Chairman Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi gave his talk, Almawave CEO Valeria Sandei described the transversal nature and potential of artificial intelligence.

“The world of artificial intelligence is the kaleidoscope of data and information that take on meaning thanks to processing that starts with the creative will of people. AI must put the person and the improvement of life at the centre, in a concrete and responsible way. It must provide a set of techniques and technologies that allow us to understand reality, automate processes and enhance our capabilities,” said Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave.

“AI has the potential to transform the tools of communication available to the world of advertising and media intelligence. For instance, it can help process large amounts of data from different web, social or geospatial sources to recognize trends and develop effective actions.”

“The beauty of Artificial Intelligence is that it speaks the language of simplicity, inclusion, transparency, and efficiency. It gives us many opportunities to improve the quality of human life and experience those benefits as people, citizens, and customers.”

“These technologies are, and must remain, a means with which we evolve, and never an end to be pursued without rules.”

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