“A More Digital Italy With AI” – Interview With Valeria Sandei During the 2023 Ambrosetti Forum | Almawave
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1 September 2023

“A More Digital Italy With AI” – Interview With Valeria Sandei During the 2023 Ambrosetti Forum

AI enables a boost in productivity for businesses, with new services and wide-ranging automation. However, a culture of digitalization is essential.

The true potential that artificial intelligence offers to businesses is recently being perceived more and more. Its impact on productivity and on improved services and solutions for clients and residents is becoming evident. Our strategy at Almawave is to develop high-value vertical applications that address specific needs in different market segments. We’ve entered into an agreement with Microsoft that aims to introduce generative artificial intelligence components within applications designed to have a significant impact on business systems, such as knowledge analytics and speech analytics to understand customer interactions.” These were the words of Valeria Sandei, CEO of Almawave, in an interview with Adolfo Valente on Class CNBC, Milano Finanza, during the 2023 Ambrosetti Forum.

Finally, a message to shareholders: “We are in an extremely promising market, filled with numerous opportunities for development. Our Group, composed of individuals with strong and specific skills, is working steadily and with a focused approach to achieve other important milestones. The first half of this year has been characterized by a steady and positive growth trajectory, in line with our set objectives, and we are certainly interested in evaluating opportunities for growth that are consistent with our strategic vision.”

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