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09 July 2024 | 4:00 pm

While RAG is raging - agents are right around the corner

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How will the new generative AI models revolutionize business operations to better meet business needs?

On July 9th at 4 PM, we will discuss this in a free webinar with Raniero Romagnoli – CTO of Almawave, and Rowan Curran – Senior Analyst at Forrester.

Today’s powerful Gen AI models are being enabled with the responsible controls they need for enterprise applications – to align them to business and compliance needs.

In this context, Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) has emerged as main architecture for ensuring that Gen AI apps are grounded in your data – but the next ‘generation’ of Gen AI apps takes this a step farther.

Gen2 of Gen AI apps are not just knowledge retrieval applications, nor just conversational AI solutions,  but agent-like action taking parts of your enterprise.

Join this webinar to learn about latest trends in AI architectures, their pros and cons for companies that need to harness the power of gen AI models to better serve customers and improve their business. You will also have a chance to see in action Almawave’s proprietary tools for building AI Agents along with examples of their real implementations with our CTO Raniero Romagnoli.

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