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Verbalization and Subtitling of Councils

By Ross

Transcribes, subtitles, translates, indexes and summarizes content of Council sessions

Patient surveys

By Ross

Solution to automate the provision of clinical and therapeutic information and evaluate therapy adherence.

Regulatory Compliance

By Ross

Set of algorithms for searching, classifying and merging extracted information.

Location Intelligence

By Andrea Dibitonto

Location analysis to understand the potential of a territory for the development of medical-diagnostic centers.

Real-Time Agent

By Ross

Solution for real-time process monitoring.

Customer Interaction Analytics

By Ross

A custom dashboard integrated with cross-channel analytics, morphing procedures, and anonymization of sensitive data.

Information Discovery

By Ross

Solution for creating and maintaining content using structures and templates.

Clinical Decision Support System

By Ross

System of algorithms and synthetic-prognostic indicators derived from various data.

Virtual Assistant to support Clinicians

By Ross

Interface for voice transcription and data extraction.

Shadow Economy

By Ross

Monitoring system for recording activities and linking them with regional data.