Information Technology:
Quality & Rich Big Data

How to control technological change drivers (Big Data, Mobile, Social, Cloud) to make knowledge and real-time services available?

The world of technology and services evolves according to four main drivers: Big Data, Mobile, Social and Cloud. Almawave governs the drivers of this change through technology (Semantic Engine, Predictive Analytics, Speech Recognition, Social Listening, Sentiment Analysis, Text Mining, etc.) implemented at Almawave own Labs, thanks to the expertise of its professional experts, technological and academic partnerships.


And it’s through Almawave technologies that two fundamental objectives are developed. These are needed to make knowledge and real-time services available to the company:

  • Information Hub, a virtual archive containing all real-time information available within the company captured in their format, through statistical algorithms and semantics, so that the most useful insights for every business function can be extracted
  • People Centered Technology: Applications using semantics and intelligent business process management drivers are able to meet multi-channel Customer-enterprise interaction need optimisation, enhancing the value of available information


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