Almawave is one of the leading Italian players globally operating in the CRM, Big Data Knowledge Management and Customer experience sectors.

The Company was established in 2008 to deliver innovative enterprise solutions easy to use and based on the new paradigm of natural language to improve people experience (Customers, employees, Top Managers).
Iride Suite” integrates emerging technology innovation drivers – semantics, statistics, automatic speech recognition, adaptive interface – into one single platform, enabling a new way of interacting with work tools. Easy, intuitive and consequently much more effective.

Transforming the way people work, Almawave technology generates quality information on core management processes across all communication channels, in order to easily get a complete and scalable outlook on all contents of interest for the company (Customer journey, perception of products and services, occurrence of critical issues and risks, knowledge and skill management). The result is a real-time quality insight, allowing process management of the Customer base to be transformed, and business knowledge addressing new levels of quality and efficiency.


PARTNERSHIP – The Company operates in different Market sectors and collaborates with private and public universities, scientific partners and technological players leading the Big Data and Business Intelligence Market. These include: Oracle, IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Tibco, MicroStrategy, QlickView.


OFFICE LOCATION – Almawave is present in Italy with 4 offices (Rome, Milan, Florence, Trento), in Brazil with 2 offices (São Paulo and Belo Horizonte), in the U.S. with 1 office (San Francisco).


ALMAVIVA GROUP - Almawave is the technological innovation company of the AlmavivA Group, the Italian leader in the Information & Communication Technology operation Industry with more than 41,000 people in 61 offices in Italy and abroad.
The AlmavivA Group includes ICT services and solutions based on Cloud Computing and CRM services using innovative Almawave technologies to ensure excellence in Customer Experience.

Our consolidated experience and technological expertise in all major market areas, combined with business vision and a continuous research and testing of new technologies, working with international partners, are the backbone to AlmavivA’s success.