“# Italianelmondo”: Our country seen through the lens of 140 characters. 15th November 2013

Multilingual Analysis of Italy’s image in the world

Multi-language investigation addressing Italy’s image in the world on Twitter. The analysis focusses on the social network tweets and sentiment about Italy, its Regions and provincial Capital cities from an economic, political, and touristic point of view, etc.

The survey foresees the constant collection of real-time tweets, a monthly processing of results, as well as a monthly publication with different in-depth analysis at every update, such as:

⇒Winter tourism
⇒The Region of Trentino Alto Adige and winter tourism
⇒The Great beauty
⇒The 2015 Expo
⇒The Lazio County
⇒Smart Cities


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The aim of the survey is to delineate topics and recurrence on Twitter regarding Italy, its regions and Capital cities.

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